The great Indian love marriage takes a hilarious turn with Bang Baaja Baraat

It’s India and everything in India is all about arranged. Your parents arrange the school you’ll go to, what you’ll pursue after school, what college you’ll go to, who you will get married to, etc etc.

Though things are changing, in most parts there’s hardly ever any freedom given to children. But then, what happens when two modern kids who love each other decide to get married and tell their parents about their relationship? All hell breaks loose. And especially if, of those parents, one side is exceedingly traditional and the other ultra modern.

Yash Raj has experimented with a host of genres in the new times. Their movies are not really the vanilla romance anymore but are more for the youth and based on realistic situations.

The element of humour, the dash of sarcasm and at the same time, being in sync with Indian values and Indianness – well, they have definitely done it right. They might have come a long way from their DDLJ days but then with their all new Y Films banner, they are making waves. Be it on the digital platform or in movies, they come up with quirky cool plot that reaches out to even the youngsters.

In their latest movie Bang Baaja Baraat, they have brought the most common theme and given it a crazy, crazy twist. The theme? The great Indian love marriage. A girl and a guy love each other. Great. They decide to get married. Great. They tell parents.