Helene Yorke To Co Star In Epix Comedy Series Graves

In Graves, 25 years after his presidency, former Commander in Chief Richard Graves has the epiphany that his policies have damaged the country for decades and so, with his young assistant, he goes on a Don Quixote-like journey to right his administration’s wrongs just as his wife, the former First Lady, decides to follow her own political ambitions.

Yorke will play Olivia Graves, who was the "perfect" darling of the country as the First Daughter growing up in the White House. After the recent exposure of her Congressman husband’s infidelities, she finds herself moving back home, where, as her life spirals out of control, she struggles beneath the ever-present burden of her iconic parents.

Yorke, repped by Gersh and Regarding Entertainment, has recurred on Showtime’s Masters Of Sex as Jane Martin, the seemingly unassuming hospital secretary who became Virginia Johnson’s first major recruit for her sex study with Dr. William Masters. She can next be seen in the upcoming feature The Night Before. She also is set to reprise her role from the Vimeo comedy series High Maintenance in the upcoming new episodes for HBO.