Behind Super Bowl: Victor Cruz's Clothing Line Young Whales

Football is not the only filed where Victor Cruz shines his talent. Young Whales, men's clothing line currently selling t-shirts and sweatshirts ranging from $30 to $60, was launched with Cruz' fellow Giants rookie Nate Collins in 2010.

Agreeing that designer t-shirts were too expensive, the fashion pioneers decided to create baseball-style shirts and hoodies, according to The Post Game. The brand name "gives the sense to the young guys of this upward mobility," said Laurent Huttinot, a Young Whales account executive. "This desire to reach this whale status, and to work hard for it."

Fans and teammates have supported the brand loyally. The fans love it, man, as well as my teammates," said Cruz. "Any time I bring in a box for them, they just crowd me and they want stuff. I just hand the stuff out like it's Christmas morning. It's just great, man.